Product Design

For more than 16 years, we have been working on products such as housewares, ceramics, silver accessories, wooden stationeries, furniture, watches clocks and etc. All of our original products are designed by both the distinguished or young talented creators. We also design and propose company novelty items.

Yagura Penstand

This practical penstand made of mahogany is a long-seller since 1999.


Cups & Saicers designed by 12 architects

We produce and sell cups & saucers designed by 12 architects.


青木  淳 磯崎 新 伊東  豊雄 隈   研吾
妹島 和世 高松 伸 竹山 聖 団 紀彦
長谷川 逸子 坂 茂 葉 祥榮 六角 鬼丈


Mamegin Silver Accessories