Design Philosophy

Wanovation, innovations by wa approaches is our specialty.

CEO message

CEOWe believe in potentials of our unique design approaches and ideas based on our Wa traditions. It is possible to create amazing things or atmospheres like Steve Jobs did. He is known to be a heavy practitioner of Zen approaches and himself was a serious student of Zen since his youth. We with our clients are excited to encounter fantastic innovations which would create better, fun and peaceful living.
Jun Tomita
Design Director / 1st class Architect / Professor, Stanford University / Professor, Kyoto University of Art and Design
㈱アティモント・デザイン研究所 代表取締
スタンフォード大学 客員教授
京都造形芸術大学 客員教授


How to polish your creative senses

センスの磨き方 : アチーヴメント出版


Thinking Techniques to Enhance Your Creative Senses

センスいいねと言われる人の思考術 : アチーヴメント出版 (2011)