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Tell your visitors your story. Add catchy The year after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, a PET bottle designed for the transportation and storage of water in the event of a disaster. It was named Aqua Block because it can store water like building blocks. It won the Grand Prix of the US I.D. Annual Design Review and was displayed at STEUBEN GLASS GALLERY in New York. Received the Good Design Award from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry and the Commissioner's Award from the Small and Medium Business Administration. Omi MWS (1996)

阪神淡路大震災の翌年、災害時の水の輸送と保管のためにデザインされたペットボトル。水を積み木のように積める所からアクアブロックと名づけられた。米国 I.D.アニュアルデザインレビューのグランプリを受賞し、ニューヨークのSTEUBEN GLASS GALLERYでディスプレイされた。通産省グッドデザイン賞、中小企業庁長官賞など受賞。近江MWS(1996)

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